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About Huisman Glass

      Hi.  My name is Tom Huisman.  I have worked in many "facets" of glass (pun fully intended) since the beginning of time.  

Over those many years, I have worked with several glass companies and glass artists, learning and perfecting dimensions of the craft along the way, including:

Stained and leaded glass

Beveling, both by machine and by hand, as well as other "cold glass" grinding and polishing techniques

Etching, (both acid and sand blasting)  

I have even dabbled a bit in hot glass blowing and kiln work.  

In 1992, I decided the time was right to strike out on my own, and begin Huisman Glass.  My goal has been, and always will be, to provide the finest quality beveling and glass art work at the best price possible.  (I do need to eat too, of course)   I enjoy doing high quality precision work, and I strongly dislike, and therefore will never put out anything "second rate".  (I figure there is plenty of that already out there)

To this day, I love to learn new ideas and techniques, and meeting other artists and craftsmen to learn and share ideas.  Please visit the gallery to view some of my work.  


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